Get Involved

While the challenge of illiteracy is not unique to Detroit — let’s make Detroit the leader in adopting a solution that works.  Together, we can give our children the tools they need and in turn help transform metro Detroit.

Become a tutor

Through this unique participatory initiative people from all walks of life, from students to seniors, can work together to help empower Detroit’s children to reach their true potential and in the process enhance their own lives.

For Seniors

    • In a study called Experience Corp Trial, older volunteers taught reading skills to Kg-3rd graders in Baltimore city schools
    • In just a few months, brain-imaging studies revealed beneficial changes in their brains– a reversal of the aging process

For students

Offer work-study programs, where older students in the same school or qualifying Detroit secondary schools serve as tutors to the younger children—earning scholarship monies towards college.

For others
An opportunity to give back.
Conduct/recruit a workshop
Alongside literacy tutoring, to provide a more holisticexperience, we would also like to engage children in gardening, cooking, music, art, yoga, science demonstrations, foreign language workshops, dance and various other disciplines to make learning inviting and instill an understanding of the world around them and how to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.


We are interested in partnering with various organizations to raise awareness and build the necessary community platform to support the initiative. In particular, we are interested in partnering with companies and organizations that could sponsor.